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What should I expect at my office visit?

During your first visit, Dr. Gomez will review your medical history and films. Upon his review, a neurological exam may be performed to determine your diagnosis. Based on examination and test results, Dr. Gomez will make recommendations for treatment. Treatment will vary from conservative treatment such as injections and physical therapy to surgical procedures.

Will Dr. Gomez be available for questions after my initial visit?

Dr. Gomez is committed to answering all your questions to help you and your loved ones come to an informed and confident decision about your health.

If conservative, non-surgical treatments do not provide relief, what should I do next?

Please call Dr. Gomez’s office at (786) 456-4152 to speak to our staff or leave a message with your questions or concerns. Your call will be returned usually within 24 hours. Depending on the concern, Dr. Gomez may need to see you in person to make further recommendations, but he will try to answer as many questions as possible by phone.

Will you accept my insurance plan?

We accept most insurance plans.

  • AARP
  • Aetna
  • AvMed
  • BCBS
  • CarePlus
  • Cigna Healthcare
  • Coventry
  • Florida Healthcare Plus
  • Health Sun
  • Leon Medical Center
  • Medicare
  • Secure Horizon
  • Simply Healthcare
  • United Healthcare
  • Medica Healthcare
  • Workman’s compensation
  • Prefered Care Partners

Please contact Dr. Gomez’s office if further clarification is needed at (786) 456-4152.

What should I do if I am experiencing a medical emergency?
 If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911.

“Your health is nothing to take lightly. Seek a second opinion to stay informed, to know your options, and to cover your bases. We can help you get started.”



How do I obtain insurance authorization for surgery?

Once your surgery is scheduled, our office will obtain insurance authorization and give you up-to-date information as it becomes available on your deductible, out of pocket expenses, etc.

How do I schedule surgery?

Call our office at (786) 456-4152 and our surgery schedule will call you back in 24-48 hours.

How can I get questions answered before surgery?

Most questions can be answered by calling Dr. Gomez’s office at (786) 456-4152. Sometimes an office visit may be better. We always encourage you to explore your options by obtaining a second opinion.

What do I do after surgery?
Many people ask about what to expect after surgery. We put together an overview for some of the most common procedures just for this purpose. If you have questions, please feel free to call. You will be given these instructions in your surgery packet.

Cervical Foraminotomy (PDF)

If I have problems in the future, what do I do?

We encourage you to call or come in. If we haven’t seen you in a significant period of time (more than 1 year), we will ask you to have your primary doctor order new imaging studies (such as MRI) prior to your visit. If it has been less than a year, we can generally obtain authorization for the study from your insurance company and we will schedule it for you.

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911.



Contact Information:

Email: Office@DrMichaelEGomez.com

Phone: (786) 456-4152

Please contact Dr. Gomez’s office if further clarification is needed at (786) 456-4152.