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Back Pain

It’s common to seek medical care for back pain. Over the years, treatment for back pain has advanced, providing minimally invasive approaches and non-surgical treatment options. Each case is different. If you suffer from back pain, call one of Dr. Gomez’s Miami-area locations to find out what treatment options are right for you.


If you are experiencing pain in the cervical area in and around the neck, it may be due to a number of conditions, such as injury, herniated disk, pinched nerves, and even infections. Call Dr. Gomez’s office to set up an appointment about your symptoms and treatment options.

Neurological and Cranial Treatments

Neurological diseases and disorders can have a profound impact on quality of life. View our Education Center for common Neurological and Cranial disorders or diseases that Dr. Gomez treats. Dr. Gomez will work with you to determine your condition and best course of treatment to get you back on track.


Thoracolumbar pain, or middle back pain, can also be due to a number of conditions. If you are in pain, and haven’t found relief, call Dr. Gomez for a second opinion.


Conservative or non-surgical treatment options are often the first step in the road to recovery. Options include exercise and physical therapy, pain medications, and epidural injections, to name a few. Contact us to set up an appointment to start your road to recovery.

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